Text2GSM 2000


  • Needs only a standard modem and phoneline.

  • Supports both UCP and TAP protocol.

  • Supports sending through TCP/IP (Internet) Now also FREE.

  • Phone book to keep track of often used numbers.

  • Quick message, save standard message for quick access.

  • Groupsending. Send the same message to, up to, 40 recipients on just one call (Not supported by all operators).

  • Double message (320 character).

  • Log of message transmissions.

  • Autosending. Let the program check for existens of files in a folder. When the folder contain files, those will be sent out. The recipients can be specified in the file or the files can be sent to default name (or group) in the phonebook.

  • The program can be setup to check for E-mail on a POP server. It can then send the result (number of mail waiting and the sender of the mail) to the phone.

  • Starting with arguments. Itīs easy to send message from other applications by starting Text2GSM 2000 with arguments. Arguments are: operator, recipient (up to 40 or a existing phonebookgroup) and message.

A screendump of Text2GSM.